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TotalFlow Production Manager

Efficiently schedule and route cutsheet production print jobs, automate manual tasks, create processes and handle maintenance issues with fewer human touch points and bottlenecks.

  • Analyses tickets and queues to prioritise print jobs
  • Includes pre-built drag-and-drop workflows
  • Reduces paper changes and improves printer utilisation
Características y ventajas

Keep it moving
Bring fast, accurate and affordable cutsheet production printing to your business with TotalFlow Print Manager and TotalFlow Production Manager, software that allows users to efficiently schedule and route print jobs, automate manual tasks, create processes and handle maintenance issues with fewer human touch points and bottlenecks. What’s that mean for you? Less paper changes, improved printer utilization and a streamlined workflow. You’re welcome.

Make better print decisions
You know too well how troublesome managing print jobs can be: long queues delay important jobs, important jobs get routed to the wrong machine, and that red button won’t stop blinking. Enter TotalFlow Print Manager and TotalFlow Production Manager. TheTotalFlow Print and TotalFlow Production Manager software analyses job tickets and print queues and prints higher-priority jobs first; it can even determine when and where jobs should be produced for the best, most affordable results based on job requirements and printer capabilities. With recently added user code support, you can tailor your decisions to specific users’ needs – and facilitate chargeback systems to help recoup costs.

Workflow: make it your own
Creating workflows from scratch can be a real burden on your schedule. Save yourself time and effort with TotalFlow Production Manager’s pre-built workflows - simply drag and drop icons to add or remove steps from a workflow and customise your own, helping to ensure your resources – and time – are used as efficiently as possible.

A well-oiled machine
TotalFlow Prep can be launched from withinTotalFlow Print and TotalFlow Production manager for a dashboard view. If you have a more demanding environment, TotalFlow Production Manager offers additional integration and automation features so you can make the most of your print processes.

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