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TotalFlow Print Server

Seamless connection
With the Ricoh TotalFlow Print Server you benefit from a seamless transition between offset and digital print workflows from a single user interface with fewer steps. It is compatible with Agfa Apogee 10.0 or later, Kodak Prinergy V7 or later and Heidelberg Prinect 2016 or later connecting to Ricoh Pro C7100/C9100 series printers through the Ricoh TotalFlow Print Server so you can jump from large offset runs and smaller, on-demand print runs with no time-consuming and error-prone manual submissions and edits.

Manage workflows from a single user interface
Enables you to consolidate information about every type of job in one place so you have only one workflow to manage. By creating a hybrid workflow, you can set up jobs and make modifications as each job demands – all from a prepress workflow software user interface.

Reduce manual labour and minimise errors
Traditionally, transitioning between offset and digital is cumbersome and time-consuming, as operators have to recreate processes, reedit and resubmit jobs to ensure that they are prepped for the right device. With one interface for design, imposition and colour management, the Ricoh TotalFlow Print Server lets you manage workflow from start to finish on a single platform. Additionally, you produce more consistent colour and layouts for every job no matter which printer you are using.

Real time status updates for easy job management
Prepress workflow system receives real time device and job status updates from the Ricoh TotalFlow Print Server through JDF/JMF. It means that you can monitor everything from a single operator station – from media loaded in tray, toner levels, job status such as spooling, printing, cancelled and percentage of job completion.

Combine offset quality with digital convenience
Reliable and faithful reproduction of graphically rich content is ensured via use of the latest Adobe PDF Print Engine RIP technology helping to produce exceptional output quality between offset and digital output on Ricoh Pro C7100/C9100 series printers.

IPDS option for functionality
To enable you to meet the rigorous needs of high-speed and mission critical output, IPDS option is also available. Designed to deliver full-colour Advanced Function Presentation (AFP), it is ideal for transactional printers such as data centres, service bureaux and direct mailers.

Características y ventajas

  • Maximise operational efficiency and productivity
  • Reduce touch points and save time
  • Reduce production costs
  • Accelerate turnaround times

Dispositivos compatibles

Pro™ C7100 Series

Pro™ C7100x Series

Pro™ C9100 Series 

Pro™ C9110 Series

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